Month: October, 2017

Watching the Changing Leaves

I’m not a science nerd and I’ve never really been a nature lover. Yet suddenly, I am fascinated by the natural world.  Today it’s the autumn leaves—they are changing so slowly this year.  I have my theories on why:  It’s been quite dry for the last many weeks.  It’s a much hotter September-October than I remember for a long time.  But looking around, I do wonder—what’s going on in that tree? What’s the story behind the leaves?

Growing up in suburbia, living in the city, I don’t crave nature, but now I do appreciate it as never before.


Under the Bridge

What did I think would make me happy when I was 21 years old? Losing weight? Meeting a man? Being blonde? Anything but what I was, I guess.

I ask myself today: What is it that will make me happy? A new job? A new city? Losing weight, of course.  I have no desire to be blonde.

Perhaps I will be the woman living under a bridge.  Not worrying about the meaning of life or paying bills or being happy. Just being. I’d walk around, no bags, no baggage, not a care in the world. Just me, under the bridge.