Month: July, 2016


I want fewer choices. Heading in this morning I was thinking about my trip to Target this afternoon and all of the choices I have to make. I will find the toilet paper I like and try to figure out how many rolls my cabinets can handle and does that match what they sell. Never mind the best deal—I’ve let that go. Then paper towels. The kind that let you pick a size. How many rolls? Laundry detergent: which is best for the environment and still gets the clothes clean? Which hand soap with what smell? Too. Many. Choices.


Speeches got me thinkin’

I hate speeches. I think they are an enormous waste of time. I love letters. I love getting them, writing them. I constantly write letters in my head. (Really.)

On July 16, 1984 I heard Mario Cuomo’s speech at the Democratic National Convention. This is why I remember this particular speech:  Cuomo’s speech so moved me that I decided to write and tell him so. A real letter, not a cerebral one. I borrowed my neighbor’s AppleIIe to write the letter. It was a beautiful letter, I have no doubt. But, the hard drive crashed and it was lost forever.