Month: June, 2016

I think about this all the time…

Not all of us have a defining moment in life. That moment when we are asked to do the right thing, speak up, act right, stand tall, be brave. I often wonder, if faced with such a situation, how would I behave?

My family owned slaves. Would I have had the guts to know everyone is created equal and to stand against slavery?

I fear, in the darkest part of my heart, that I would be a coward, a sheep. I don’t know that I have the bravery to be the person of character that I would like to be.


This Happened

I was coming home for Thanksgiving, my first year of college. I packed an enormous suitcase with everything I could possibly think of, including my dirty sheets. (Why?) I was taking the train. I could barely lift the suitcase. As I was dragging it through Penn Station, from Amtrak to LIRR, a tall man came and hoisted it up, asked me where I was going, and carried it all the way there for me.

Today we would take a selfie and I would post it to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. As it is, only that guy and I remember.