Month: April, 2016

Girl Crush

The girl crush is such a funny thing; I am glad someone put a name to it. It is not a matter of wanting to be with the girl, or woman, so much as it is wanting to BE her.

Now that I understand it, and it has a name, I am not ashamed to tell you who my girl crushes were when I was a girl myself. Here goes: Natalie Wood. Raquel Welsh. Ann Margaret. Marilyn Monroe, of course. Vivian Leigh.

I wanted to jump into their beautiful skin and to be the object of admiration and, perhaps, desire.



Sitting in Shanghai

I never thought these words would come from my mouth or my pen, 
but here I am sitting in a hotel room in Shanghai. A five star hotel that isn't 
very five-starish. Maybe three.

Outside my window--which I can open, by the way--are skyscrapers, construction, 
and domes of gold. Nothing like America. It's a city of 24 million and it feels
every bit like that. Although you would be surprised at the green spaces. And
the people dancing in the parks.

So far, the Chinese people are lovely. Warm, welcoming, generous. I like being
here a lot.