Month: January, 2016

Growing up: Part Two

In the house where I spent my childhood food was different; Mom was an amazing cook. She fed eight people on pennies; the food was awesome. I admire her not just for feeding us so well, but for doing it so creatively.

One problem was I hated wet bread. When we were sick Momie would set us up on the couch and fix poached eggs on toast; the bread was always wet. I thought I was being punished for being sick. Years later I saw the beauty of poached eggs and realized she thought she was giving us a treat.


Growing up: Part One

In the house where I grew up food was THE way you showed love. Have a boo boo? Here’s a cookie. Bad day at school? Let me get you some ice cream. You may think I am talking about the house where I went from newborn to 17 (733 Blackstone Avenue, East Meadow, New York 11554), but I’m not. I think of the house where I raised my family as the house where I grew up. I think I changed more in that place than I did anywhere else. I went from child to grown up at 16 Belmont Court.