Month: March, 2015

My Inner Jukebox

There is rarely a minute of my life that I don’t have a song running through my head. I wake up every morning with some melody going on in there. The songs range from the ridiculous to the sublime. Often lately it’s “Losing My Religion” by REM. Other days it’s the Flinstones theme.

The songs can come from nowhere or they can be triggered by something someone says to me or around me. I have been known to drive more than one person crazy by randomly bursting into song. At times it drives me crazy. I would like it to stop.


100 Words for a Big Life Change

I wrote this back in June right after I quit my job of almost 15 years and was moving to a new city, new job.

Stress. Stressed out. Scared; okay terrified. Wanna cry.

Alone despite my loved ones.

Excited. Exhausted. So stressed out I want to cry! (Did I already say that?) Do I sound whiney or what?

Uplifted when another woman tells me how awed she is; how proud of my bravery.

Did I mention: stress, stressed out, stress to the max? Tight as a high wire. Exhausted. Terrified. Head spinning. Sleep waking.

Turns out, it was all okay.