Month: May, 2014

A Feminist Manifesto

I’m glad the ouster of Jill Abramson from her job at the New York Times is not a result of gender bias, as Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. claims. That means she was fired simply for being lousy at her job or because she couldn’t get along with her boss.

As long as we, as women, claim gender bias every time something like this happens, we will never keep our seats at the table. We have to be willing to not just succeed spectacularly, but to fail also.

If Abramson was fired despite being a woman, that’s progress, that is true equality.


A Simple Gesture

I asked for a Diet Coke. It had been a long day, proctoring 124 difficult sophomores through the AP US History exam. I was headed to the AP European exam so my colleagues could head home.

“Would you ask Sister Anne Mary if I could have a Diet Coke?”

Allie came with a Diet Coke, ice, and a cup.

I realized this morning when I returned the cup that it was a group effort to bring me this drink. Sister Anne Mary had the Coke and ice, Allie supplied the cup.

They conspired to help me. I love those folks.

Musings of a Megalomaniac

When I am in charge of the world there will be no music in public spaces. No TVs either. We will all have to deal with our thoughts as we shop, eat lunch, walk around.  Tough.

When I am in charge of the world all dresses will have pockets. Even wedding dresses and evening gowns. I mean it. Each dress in the world will have pockets or it will be destroyed.

When I am in charge of the world every single person will make eye contact and say good morning to every other person.  They will be happy doing it.



This is a Rant

Am I missing my life? Are we all missing our lives?

Yes, this is about to be a rant on technology.

I love technology as much as the next person. My phone, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, I love them all. But this morning I felt like they are making me miss out on my life. I was on my way to work, as soon as I sat down on the bus I whipped out my phone and started looking at…what? A whole lotta nothing. I was unaware of time passing, the view outside the window—nothing big, just life going by.