Month: February, 2013


What happens when a dream ends? If the very thing you wanted to do, or thought you wanted to do, your whole life is taken away from you? How do you find a new dream?

I was reading about the ex-cop in LA who was fired and went on a shooting rampage that ended with his death in the mountains. Maybe being a cop was his lifelong dream. Or his father was a cop; his grandfather. Perhaps he assumed from a young age that he would be a cop. His dream was taken away.

What happens when your dream dies?


Opposing Thoughts

As I was maturing—and I mean in my 20s—I started to consider the idea of having mixed feelings about things. For instance, I had a neighbor that I found charming and fun to be around. At the same time I thought she was arrogant and a snob. It took me a while to come to terms with my mixed feelings. Now, I’ve got that down.

I’ve spent the last year thinking about this idea: a person can have two opposing thoughts and both are true.  Hold that in your head for a long time.  Much harder to accept.

A Moment in Time

 It’s funny to think about this on a cold day in February.

“Black Hole Sun” is playing on the radio. It’s 8 a.m. on a weekday morning. It’s hot and muggy; the day is going to be awfully hot. I’m driving a station wagon, Miriam and Joe are in the backseat. The AC is broken. Miriam loves the song. I hate it but leave it on for her. It’s so slow and depressing; it doesn’t fit the time of year in my mind. We stop for doughnuts and, thankfully, the song is over when we get back in the car.



I don’t take my horoscope seriously. As a matter of fact I hardly ever read it. Sometimes when I am struggling for an answer, I think, “Ah! Perhaps I’ll find it in the pages of the newspaper.” That’s why I read the comics every morning also. I often find, not the answer, but a lovely observation on life.

Today my horoscope speaks to me: Your soul and your ego are of different opinions as to what your next move should be. Can you blame them for being so far apart on the matter? Each has a completely different agenda.


A Slight Exaggeration

I say this with some amount of confidence (okay, not really): the ultimate joy in life is seeing your child laugh—a real from the heart and the belly laugh. The first time you witness it, when your kid is a baby, you understand the meaning of life. When your child gets a little older and develops a real sense of humor, the laughter gains a new dimension. Last week I sat across a table from my grown son engaged in conversation with a friend. He really appreciated something she said and he laughed fully. My life was complete then.